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Appetizer cheese balls with potatoes

Appetizer cheese balls with potatoes

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Peel the potatoes, wash them and cut them into cubes. Put them to boil in water with a little salt. When they are well penetrated, drain them of water, crush them with a fork and let them cool. In a bowl, place the cheese on a small grater. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, put the cold potatoes and mix. Add the egg and flour, mix well. You will get a slightly sticky consistency. Break pieces and form balls. Roll them well in breadcrumbs, then place them on a chopping board.

In a not very large pan, heat a little more oil. When it has heated up, adjust the heat to be suitable, then brown the balls. Brown them on all sides, then take them out on a platter with napkins to absorb from the oil. Do this until you have finished them all. However, they brown very quickly, so stay close to them and turn them immediately. Serve both hot and cold!

They are very tasty and I really recommend them!

Good appetite!

Potato croquettes with cheese

Potato croquettes with cheese can be successfully served as an appetizer at any festive event. They will please everyone because they are delicious, crunchy and very filling. If you want to have a result that meets your expectations and desires, you can try this simple recipe for potato and cheese croquettes.


- salt and black pepper to taste

- cayenne pepper, fennel (optional)

Method of preparation

1. Boil the potatoes in their skins, peel them and grate them or the meat grinder.

2. Add the eggs, salt, spices and mix.

3. Add the flour to the composition obtained and mix. The mixture for the potato croquettes is ready.

4. Cut the cheese into cubes.

5. Shape the croquettes with wet palms, adding cheese in the middle. Pass them through breadcrumbs and fry them in a hot pan with oil, periodically turning them with a spatula on all sides until golden brown.

6. Serve the potato croquettes hot or hot with your favorite sauce.


100 g / Poultry liver, 100 g / Sheep pastrami, 50 g / Sausages, 100 g / Grilled mushrooms, 100 g / Cheese balls, 100 g / Chicken dumplings, 150 g / Baked potatoes, 150 g / Pickled salad, 2 small

Snack Cold Elena-

50 g / Prague ham, 50 g / Banat salami, 50 g / Cheese, 50 g / Telemea cheese, 50 g / Bellows cheese, 50 g / Eggplant basket, 50 g / Ham, olives, red onions, cucumbers

Polenta with cheese and cream-

Olives bread-

Peasant omelet-

50 g 3 eggs, bacon, onion, pepper, mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese

Bulgarian salad

400 g / (tomatoes, cucumbers, ham, eggs, cheese, olives)

Caesar salad

400 g / (iceberg lettuce, chicken breast, parmesan, Caesar sauce)

Greek salad

400 g / (mix of salad, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, cucumber, bell pepper, red onion, olives, oregano)

Tuna salad

400 g / (mix of salad, tuna, lemon dressing, corn, olives, red onions, cherry tomatoes, egg)

Elena's salad-

400 g / (iceberg lettuce, beef fillets, tomatoes, bell peppers, croutons, sauce)

Summer salad

300 g / (tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, lettuce, bell peppers, olive oil)


Salad of roasted peppers

Tomato salad

White cabbage salad

Beetroot salad with horseradish

Assorted pickle salad

Onion salad

Fry chicken liver

Pan-fried chicken liver in wine sauce 200 grams

Grilled chicken liver

Grilled chicken liver 200 grams

Chicken schnitzel

Schnitzel Elena-

150 g / sunflower seeds

Boneless chicken legs-

Boneless chicken legs 300 grams

Chicken skewers-


600 g / (with polenta / potato wedges)

Grilled chicken breast

Grilled fresh sausages

Grilled fresh sausages 200 gr

Grilled pork-

Grilled semi-boned pork chop

Beetle Sparrow

Thai beef-

280 g / (beef, vegetables, rice, spice, soy sauce)

Grilled beef

Carp brine

50 g / (carp, onion, bell pepper, hot pepper, garlic, parsley, polenta)

Grilled trout with polenta / rice

Pike fillets

250 grams, crispy crust bread

Sicilian pasta

450 g / (Pasta, chicken breast, tomato sauce, kitchen grain, bacon, mushrooms, sliced ‚Äč‚Äčolives, mozzarella)

Mushroom risotto

250 g / (rice risotto, mushrooms, onions, garlic, parmesan, oil, white wine)

Arabiata pasta

450 g / (Pasta, tomato sauce, onion, hot pepper, garlic, mushrooms, olives)

Pasta Carbonara

450 g / (Pasta, bacon, white sauce, white wine, spices, egg)

Hot plate Elena

200 g / Aries chops, 100 g / Cheese dumplings, 200 g / Sheep pastrami, 2 Mititei, 100 g / Mushrooms au gratin with cheese, 2 servings of pickle salad, 2 servings of polenta, 2 servings of mujdei

Hot Plate for 4 People

4 Mititei, 200 g / Pork neck, 200 g / Chicken leg, 200 g / Chicken stew, 400 g / Aries, 200 g / Fresh sausages, 150 g / Grilled mushrooms, 3 Portions of rustic potatoes, 2 Portions of pickle salad, 2 Portions of mustard

Hot Plate for 6 People

300 g / Grilled chicken leg, 6 Mititei, 400 g / Pork neck, 300 g / Chicken liver, 400 g / Sheep pastrami, 300 g / Fresh sausages, 300 g / Cheese dumplings, 3 Portions of potatoes rustic, 3 servings of pickle salad, 3 servings of mustard, 3 servings of mujdei

Appetizer cheese balls with potatoes - Recipes

Potato balls with cheese

Message from Carmen & raquo 29/06/2012 10:12

4-5 boiled potatoes
2 eggs
150 g cheese
about 100 g of flour
ground white pepper
nutmeg (optional)
400 ml oil for frying

The potatoes and cheese are grated on a grater, on the side with small meshes.
In a bowl, mix the cheese and potatoes with the two whole eggs, salt and pepper to taste and if we want the nutmeg. two.
Part of the composition is lightly kneaded on the floured top and form a thin roll with a circumference of 3-4 cm. Using a knife, cut the potato roll from cm to cm, then shape each square between the palms until it is round.
We do the same with the second part of the composition.
If we want the balls to be a little crispy, roll them in breadcrumbs.
Heat the oil well in a pan, then turn the heat to medium and add the balls. We don't cram them in the pan so we can turn them easily.
Frying takes 3-4 minutes, then place on paper towels to drain the oil.
Serve hot and cold.

They can successfully replace a garnish or can be served in combination with other appetizers.