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McDonald’s Is Trying to Lure You Back in with Avocado Toast and Gourmet Breakfast

McDonald’s Is Trying to Lure You Back in with Avocado Toast and Gourmet Breakfast

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McDonald’s Australia is testing out gourmet all-day breakfast with high-end breakfast sandwiches and avocado toast

Next thing you know, they’ll be serving mimosas.

I’ll have the corn fritter platter with avocado, grilled tomatoes, crumbled feta cheese, tomato relish, and spinach. No, this is not an upscale bistro’s brunch menu: This is McDonald’s. After opening a high-end pop-up restaurant in Tokyo called Restaurant M, McDonald’s is continuing its foray into fancy fare with a gourmet breakfast menu in Australia.

Right now, the menu, which includes avocado toast, the corn fritter platter, and more gourmet options, is being tested at a McDonald’s in Annerley, a Brisbane suburb in Queensland.The “anchor” of the menu is indubitably the “Café Breakfast" option, consisting of toasted sourdough bread, bacon, two chipolata sausage links, scrambled eggs, spinach, grilled tomatoes, a hash brown patty, and tomato relish, according to the Huffington Post. Other options include Belgian waffles with yogurt and fruit, a bacon and egg roll, and an avocado platter with sourdough bread and crumbled feta cheese.

McDonald’s customers Down Under will also be able to customize their gourmet breakfast orders at kiosks similar to the ones used during the customizable burger test run. Sadly, all we get right now in the States is all-day McBreakfast.