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Marbled cake with plums and cream cheese

Marbled cake with plums and cream cheese

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Dough: Wash the plums, remove the seeds and cut them into quarters. I mixed the soft butter with the powdered sugar. Incorporate the yolks one by one, then the milk.

Sift the flour, pour it in the rain, mix. Add baking powder and vanilla essence.

Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt, incorporate them into the above composition, using a spatula. Divide the composition in two, evenly, one we leave white, in the other we put cocoa and mix lightly. Grease a 24/36 cm tray with butter, cover it with baking paper.

Pour the cocoa composition, level it, then carefully put the white composition, I put spoon by spoon. Place the plum pieces. Put the tray in the hot oven, at a suitable temperature, for 25-30 minutes, until the cake is browned. We do the test with the toothpick and if it is ready we take it out of the oven. Let it cool completely.

Cheese cream: We crush the cheese in a bowl, put the powdered sugar and mix them. Add liquid cream, sour cream, grated orange peel and mix until creamy. We put the cream cheese over the plum top, level it. Let it cool for 2-3 hours, then take it out, portion it and put slices of plum on top. Good appetite!

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