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Dessert cake with almonds and flowers

Dessert cake with almonds and flowers

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Whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt and sweetener, add the orange blossom water, then gradually the yolks, almonds, baking powder and flour. I didn't add any other fat, because the almonds contain natural oils, the top had a texture like the one with nuts, I really liked it. It came out fragrant from the water of orange blossoms, I think a teaspoon is enough, but taste and adapt to your taste.

Pour the composition into a round baking dish, prepared with baking sheet, put in the preheated oven over medium heat for 25 minutes (or until the toothpick test passes). Leave to cool.


Boil, over low heat, for about 7-8 minutes, water with orange peel and water from orange blossoms. Leave to cool.


Put the milk, egg yolks, sweetener, vanilla, flour in a saucepan and simmer until thickened, stirring constantly. When it has thickened, remove from the heat, add the chopped chocolate and the butter mix well until the chocolate has melted. Leave to cool, then add the liquid cream, mixing with the mixer until creamy.


Cut the top into two sheets and syrup.

Fill with chocolate cream.


Beat together the mascarpone cream with the liquid cream and vanilla, until it acquires a creamy consistency.

Dress the cake in white.

Prepare the dyes: to each ½ teaspoon of dye add 1 teaspoon of hot water, mixing well. For red, I used beetroot juice. Then the rest of the cream is divided into bowls with dyes, as desired.

Decorate the cake with flowers. I used duos of all kinds for the tea rose, the tulip, and I made the roses separately with a dui petal and transferred them to the cake.

Good appetite!

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