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Chicken rolls recipe video

Chicken rolls recipe video

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Recipe Video recipe chicken rolls by of 25-08-2015 [Updated on 12-06-2017]

The video recipe for preparing chicken rolls comes straight to conquer street food lovers!


How to make chicken rolls

Chicken rolls are delicious rolls made of piadina that contain a filling for true connoisseurs! As I show you in the video, in fact, to stuff them, I used chicken flavored with lime and pink pepper, then I added some salad mixed with carrots and then or seasoned with sour cream. A simple recipe therefore, but at the same time refined, which lends itself to being served Greek style for example, as a pita rolled in aluminum, or if you prefer serving it as a cold appetizer, after having rolled it, you can slice it, obtaining very good swivels! A perfect take-away then ... obviously made with your own hands!
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Video: Chicken Rolls Recipe - Street Style - Cook With Lubna (December 2022).