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Caponata Di Pesce Spada

Caponata Di Pesce Spada

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Swordfish caponata recipe from of 10-07-2020

There Caponata Di Pesce Spada it is a typical Sicilian main course that is easy to prepare and all to taste. You can use it both as an appetizer and as a main course, depending on the portion: if you have lovers of this kind at the table, you will certainly make them happy. The recipe probably derives from the more classic caponata. The addition of swordfish transforms it into a timeless dish, which seems to start from ancient flavors, dusting them off with a taste that appears modern and innovative: the combination of fish with a sweet and sour condiment may not be suitable for everyone, but it is certainly a lot chic and definitely worth trying at least once in a lifetime;)


How to make swordfish caponata

First clean the eggplant and fish (remove the ends from the eggplant and skin and central bone from the fish) and cut both into cubes, possibly of similar size.

Fry the aubergines with oil and a little salt in a large non-stick pan for at least 10 minutes, then set them aside.

In the same pan, sauté a chopped onion and celery, then add the fish and brown it for a couple of minutes, stirring often.
Add the washed and chopped cherry tomatoes, add salt and cook for about ten minutes, stirring occasionally.
When the cherry tomatoes have softened, add aubergines and pitted olives.

Once the cooking juices have dried, add the sugar, then raise the heat and deglaze with the vinegar, continuing to mix until everything has evaporated, then turn off the heat and add the chopped basil.

The swordfish caponata is ready: serve it warm or cold.

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