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Salted struffoli

Salted struffoli

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Salted Struffoli Recipe of of 14-12-2017 [Updated on 14-12-2017]

The salty struffoli they are a very tasty appetizer to prepare during the Christmas holidays, maybe if you want to organize an aperitif and serve something different but themed. They are practically the unusual variant of the classic Neapolitan sweet struffoli which, however, in this capacity act as a nice appetizer for your party table. The nice thing about these fried salted struffoli is that they can be accompanied with any type of cheese and salami, I have chosen to complement them instead with honey, pecorino cheese and poppy seeds. To tease my combination was this site and I admit that the recipe was welcomed in my home like a real genius.
This morning, just to add other commitments, I am at an event in Naples, the SMAU, where my husband has a workshop and I, as always, are with him to support him. So I leave you to the recipe and run away: *


How to make salty struffoli

Place the flour in a heap and add the egg, the wine, the lard, the two cheeses, the lemon peel, salt and pepper.
Knead the ingredients in the center first and gradually add the flour.
You then get a compact dough.

With the mixture obtained, form thin cylinders that you will cut into small pieces.

Heat the oil and when it is boiling, fry the struffoli a little at a time, lifting them with a slotted spoon.

Once moved to a bowl, add the honey and stir.

Serve your salted struffoli in small finger food bowls with the addition of pecorino cheese and poppy seeds.

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