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Linguine with mussels

Linguine with mussels

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Linguine with mussels from of 02-08-2007 [Updated on 03-07-2020]

Linguine with mussels is one of my favorite seafood dishes, according to many, a less refined dish than spaghetti with clams, but which I find much tastier. There are those who prepare this dish in white or those who add some tomatoes, there are those who use spaghetti and those who prefer linguine, we make them like this in my house, and you?


How to make linguine with mussels

Wash and brush the mussels under water. Click here to see how to clean mussels.

Fry a clove of garlic in a pan with oil, put the mussels in a pan, cover with a lid and cook until the shells of the mussels are open, then remove the lid and blend with the white wine.

Raise the mussels for hours and filter the sauce to remove any impurities.

Shell the mussels (leave a part not shelled to put on the plates at the end) and put them back in the pan.

Now add the halved cherry tomatoes and parsley and cook until it starts boiling. (Add a spoonful of flour to make the sauce thicker).

Cook the linguine in abundant salted water and drain very al dente.
Pour the pasta into the sauce with the mussels, add a handful of fresh parsley, pepper and sauté for a few minutes in the pan.

Serve the linguine with the mussels by placing a few mussels with the valves, parsley and a sprinkling of pepper on each plate.

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