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Pasta with zucchini flower cream

Pasta with zucchini flower cream

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Recipe Pasta with cream of courgette flowers by of 21-07-2020

There pasta with cream of courgette flowers it's a really interesting idea, a way, if you like, also to let those who don't appreciate vegetables eat something different. If, on the other hand, you appreciate vegetables, like me ... well, in that case I'm sure you will like the recipe, because the combination of flavors is really spot on: courgette flowers, toasted bread crumbs and anchovies, in my opinion, look great together. !
There cream of courgette flowers lends itself to many combinations, you can in fact add strips of speck or chopped hazelnuts to give a crunchy note different from the one I proposed. Anyway, try this first summer dish and you'll love it: P


How to make pasta with zucchini flower cream

First of all wash the courgette flowers and peel them (eliminating pistils and bases).

Then quickly sauté them in the pan with the mixture for sautéing and a little oil, then blend them with the addition of cream (for a more delicate flavor, you can use milk or even water) and Parmesan, then season with salt.

Chop the anchovies and cut the bread into very small cubes, then fry them both in a pan with a little oil.
Keep them aside and transfer the cream of flowers to the same pan instead.

In the meantime, cook the pasta very al dente, drain it, then quickly toss it in a pan with the cream of flowers, adding a little pasta cooking water if needed.

The pasta with zucchini flower cream is ready: serve, complete with the bread and anchovy crumble and serve immediately.

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