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Chicken in Sweet and sour sauce

Chicken in Sweet and sour sauce

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Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe of of 10-03-2018 [Updated on 12-03-2018]

The Chicken in Sweet and sour sauce it is a second dish to prepare even at the last moment, if you have the right sauces at home. Once floured, in fact, the chicken must be browned in a pan before continuing to cook in the sauce based on Tabasco, honey, soy and ketchup. The final touch of the spring onion and the sesame will give the dish a slightly ethnic flavor;)
Some time ago I also tried the sweet and sour pork with the addition of pineapple and peppers and I really enjoyed it, the two ways of preparing both types of meat are interchangeable, so the choice is yours: P
I am still in Milan today, the inbound marketing event we organized is going great and I am really happy. These days, in which you work incessantly for 14/16 hours straight, are tiring as hell but full of satisfaction and smiles. So I'll leave you with the sweet and sour chicken recipe and go to organize the day's things, kisses; *


How to make sweet and sour chicken

Cut the chicken breast into chunks, then pass it in the flour.

Heat a little oil in a pan and then add the chicken to brown it.
Meanwhile, in a bowl, mix together ketchup, Tabasco, soy sauce and honey.
Then add the sauce obtained in the pan.

Turn the chicken, add the salt and wait for the sauce to shrink.

Serve your sweet and sour chicken by covering it with a spring onion stalk and sesame seeds.

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