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Bruschettas with cauliflower salad

Bruschettas with cauliflower salad

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We prepare the cauliflower salad for the beginning. Unwrap the cauliflower bouquets and boil it in salted water for 20 minutes. Drain it and let it squeeze for a few minutes.

We prepare a mayonnaise from a yolk, a teaspoon of mustard and oil to taste. I got a larger amount of mayonnaise but I only used 2 tablespoons. Finely chop the garlic, or press it. Finely chop the onion.

Crush the drained cauliflower well with a fork, add mayonnaise, sour cream, garlic and onion and mix well. Add salt and pepper to taste.

For the bruschettas ... I used homemade bread, but the one I bought must be good, ideally it would be a baguette. I didn't have a wand, my bread was made in a bread machine, so I cut the slices in half. I put them in the preheated oven over medium heat (180 degrees) and browned them well.

After we finish the part with the bread, we put a drop of olive oil on each slice of bread, rub with garlic (if you don't like garlic you can refrain from this part) and sprinkle a little freshly cut or dried oregano. On top we put a tablespoon of cauliflower salad, garnish with diced tomatoes and basil leaves.

A simple and excellent appetizer, to have the appetite !!

1 small red onion (as big as a walnut)
1 clove garlic
1/4 red bell pepper (fresh or baked)
1/2 bunch of parsley
2 wire marar
3 tablespoons olive oil
1-2 tablespoons lemon juice
1/4 teaspoon oregano
salt pepper

Servings: 2
Preparation time: 15 minutes

Preparation Cauliflower salad

  1. Unwrap the cauliflower bouquets and place in a pot of boiling salted water. Let it boil for a maximum of 10 minutes. Drain.
  2. Put all the dressing ingredients in a robot and mix until everything is crushed.
  3. Pour the dressing over the cauliflower and mix well. Season with salt and pepper. Let it sit for at least 10 minutes to mix the flavors.

Cauliflower salad

Cauliflower salad is a delicious and quick appetizer that can be part of any menu festive dinner.

Whether you choose to put it in a bowl, or on slices of toast or pretzels / salty biscuits, it's just as good.

Or it can simply be a garnish for a steak.

I made a lighter version, in which I also put yogurt and a lighter mayonnaise ... but you can choose to put only mayonnaise.

1/2 medium cauliflower capatana

1 raw yolk + 8-10 lg oil

How come:

Boil the peeled cauliflower and wash it (I steam it to keep some of its nutrients).

cut cauliflower with the knife, smaller or not, according to preferences.

In a small bowl, mix the yolk with the 8-10 lg of oil, then add the yogurt, mustard, salt, pepper and crushed garlic.

Mix well and pour the mixture obtained over the cauliflower. Mix well and refrigerate for 1-2 hours (preferably

to combine tastes).

It has the advantage that it can be made 1-2 days before and kept in the refrigerator in a covered container.

Fresh salad with cauliflower, prosciutto and quail eggs

Unnamed salad or Tuesday special. That's how I christened this plate full of color and flavor! And let's face it, after a day of months, cumbersome and without much desire for colorful things, a healthy dose of legumes "in your face" can only do good. Plus he doesn't necessarily shout on Tuesday either.

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you know that we like salads, in different combinations, with different vegetables and / or fruits. This special salad on Tuesday is in our top 5 and that's because it has a little bit of everything: crunchy arugula, sweet-tasting tomatoes, mozzarella with perfect texture, mini-eggs, prosciutto. that is, ham. and a surprising element, cauliflower. It is a filling salad but also quite fresh, to be perfect for a light lunch.

It's just a salad, so the preparation is easy! Don't be discouraged by so many ingredients :)

We put quail eggs to boil, 8-10 minutes should be enough. In our salad we used raw cauliflower, if you prefer slightly softer popcorn, you can boil them for 5 minutes. Don't forget the salt!

Wash and cut the tomatoes, slices or cubes, as you prefer. Wash the arugula and let the 'peppered' leaves on a towel drain the excess water.

When the 10 minutes have passed, drain the water from the eggs and immediately refill the pan with cold water, so the eggs will clean perfectly!

We move on to assembling the salad, a creative step, which remains at the attitude and availability of everyone. We chose a larger plate, on which we placed the arugula, then from place to place we placed cauliflower, hand-opened mozzarella, half eggs, tomato slices, and the top topping, slices of prosciutto unfolded into thin strips. I sprinkled everything with olive oil and balsamic cream, and the final touch was given by the salt and pepper powder. Let's not forget quickly!

We wish you good appetite!
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Cauliflower with cheese

1 large cauliflower, spread in large bunches, about 1 kg.

8 cherry tomatoes cut in half

a handful of bread crumbs

2 tablespoons freshly grated Parmesan cheese

freshly ground nutmeg

Method of preparation

To make the sauce: Melt the butter in a pan, add the flour and mix until you get a paste. Remove from the heat, add a little milk and beat well until it becomes a homogeneous mixture.

Put back on the heat and gradually add the rest of the milk. Add the bay leaf and simmer for 5 minutes, stirring.

Add the green onions to the sauce and cook for two minutes. Remove the bay leaf. Stir in the mustard, a little nutmeg and Cheddar cheese.

Chicken wrapped in bacon with cauliflower puree

Prepare a tray in which to place the cauliflower. Pour the sauce over the cauliflower, place the tomatoes, bread crumbs and Parmesan on top.

Place the tray on the grill for 5 minutes and season the cauliflower with the cheese and a little pepper.

How to prepare cauliflower salad


- 2 cups of fresh spinach, broken into strips
- a cup of lettuce leaves broken into strips
- cauliflower cane
- a cup of sliced ​​mushrooms
- half a cup of green bell pepper, cut into thin strips
- a quarter cup of thinly sliced ​​onions
- 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
- a teaspoon and a half of sugar
- half a teaspoon of dried thyme
- 2 teaspoons of water
- a teaspoon and a half of olive oil
- a quarter teaspoon of black pepper

Mix the first 6 ingredients in a bowl. Mix the lemon juice and the following 5 ingredients in a smaller bowl and mix well. Pour over the spinach and cauliflower mixture and mix gently to cover well.

Pamper yourself with confidence with such recipes. A cauliflower salad it won't make you look like Popeye, but neither will it make you look like Olive! It will only give you the necessary dose of vitamins and will keep you light, agile and able to face daily challenges!

The best cauliflower salad with mayonnaise

The ingredients you need are the following:

- a large cauliflower or two small ones

- 250 gr of mayonnaise, whose recipe you can find here

- a finely chopped red onion

- 1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice

The preparation method is as follows:

Break the bunches of cauliflower, wash them well and boil them for about 15-20 minutes or until they get the texture you want. Of course you can leave them less to boil, if you prefer them crispier. Once the cauliflower has boiled, drain the water and leave it to cool. Then, put the bunches of cauliflower in a bowl, pour mayonnaise over them, add chopped onion and lemon juice and season everything with salt and pepper.

Cauliflower salad with mayonnaise it is easy to prepare and can get you out of trouble when unexpected guests are announced at the table, especially since such a snack is ready in no more than half an hour.

Incredibly tasty cauliflower salad. Original, healthy and easy to prepare.

We present you a delicious cauliflower salad recipe that will please the whole family. Fresh cauliflower salad is incredibly tasty, healthy, very appetizing and flavorful. The salad is seasoned with a spicy garlic sauce, which offers an intense, original and tasty taste. Cauliflower and green salad is so tasty that it will disappear from the table in an instant. Try to prepare this salad at least once and it will become your favorite snack at any meal.



1. Wash the cauliflower in a stream of water and break it into small pieces.

2. Put the cauliflower in a large bowl, pour hot water over it, add salt and mix well.

3. Cover the cauliflower with a lid and let it sit for 5-6 hours.

4. Remove the cauliflower from the water and place it in another bowl.

5. Prepare the mayonnaise sauce: put the mayonnaise in a bowl, add the crushed or finely chopped garlic.

6. Wash the dill, shake it with water, chop it as small as possible and add it to the mayonnaise bowl.

7. Mix the sauce until smooth and add it to the cauliflower bowl, stirring carefully so as not to damage the cauliflower bunches.

8. Let the cauliflower salad sit for 2-3 hours, so that the flavors blend.

9. Then move the salad in a nice bowl and decorate it with a sprig of fresh dill.

Separate the cauliflower into smaller bunches, wash it well and boil it in salted water. After boiling, drain the water and let the cauliflower cool.
Cut the boiled and cooled cauliflower, small cubes with a knife.

In a bowl put the two yolks and mustard and rub with the mixer, adding oil gradually, and finally the lemon juice.

Mix cauliflower with mayonnaise and onion, season with salt and pepper to taste.

A simple but very good salad.

We are waiting for you on the site for other delightful recipes!

Watch our video recipe below and get ready too!

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