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Goose breast, with olives and lemon

Goose breast, with olives and lemon

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Wash the goose breast and portion. In a 3l saucepan. put 1-2l. water (depending on how raw the goose is) and goose meat.

Boil over medium heat, taking the foam that forms. I throw the first water in any meat after it has boiled, I wash the meat and I boil it again.

When the meat is almost cooked, add the julienned onion.

When the onion has softened, add the grated tomatoes, salt, oil and bay leaf. Bring to a boil, add a teaspoon of sugar and olives (which have been boiled beforehand). At the end, add half a sliced ​​lemon.


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If you prepare the goose breast, the first step is to cut it into transverse pieces. Then season with salt and pepper and fry a little in butter, goose fat is preferable. It doesn't fry too much, just enough to turn red. Fry the sliced ​​vegetables and season with bay leaf and grated lemon peel. Pour a little water, add the pieces of meat and boil. Be careful not to have too much liquid under the meat. When the meat is soft enough, fry it. Meanwhile, remove the parsley from the juice in which the vegetables were boiled and thicken with flour and sour cream and then mix. After mixing, add the mustard, chopped capers, a little lemon juice, white wine, sour cream and put the whole composition to boil. The result is a wonderful sauce!

Bread dumplings: cut the buns into cubes and fry a little. Fry half a chopped onion in fat. Sprinkle with finely chopped parsley. Add the buns and from the rest of the ingredients you get a thick dough like pancakes that is poured over the buns. Season with salt and pepper and refrigerate for about 20 minutes.

Form small balls and boil in salted water.
Other recommended food recipes:

a large gooseberry, 800 g mushrooms, an onion, a piece of smoked ribs, 50 ml oil, a tomato, a bunch of greens, an egg, pepper salt
for marinade: olive oil pepper salt, 200 ml white or pink wine, 4 bay leaves, a few slices of smoked bacon

The gooseberry cleaned of flakes, parried and washed is cleaned of the intestines, it is left whole making an incision only on the belly. Stop cleaning the pipe and wash it well, heart and liver.
Make some incisions on the chest of the bud then rub well inside but also outside with olive oil, then with salt and pepper and place with the chest down in a higher tray with a lid in which we put the wine with 200 ml of water, a pinch of salt, olive oil, bay leaves. Put in the pan and the entrails then cover and leave in the fridge in the evening until the 2nd day.
Remove the tray from the fridge, bread in each notch on the chest with pieces of smoke, sprinkle the bud with olive oil, place it back in the pan with the chest down then cover the tray and put in the oven for an hour, after which the bud is turned upside down and put in the oven for half an hour.
Meanwhile, prepare the filling by heating in a drop of onion oil with the entrails cut into small pieces and with the rest of the smoked pieces cut into small pieces. Add the sliced ​​mushrooms, diced tomatoes, season with salt and pepper and let it cool well then remove from the heat and add the greens and when it has cooled a bit and beaten egg. With this filling the gooseberry stuffing is filled, then we cover the incision with strips of smoked bacon, we put it in the tray with the chest up, we cover it with aluminum lid or foil and we put it in the oven again for 30 minutes, the tray being covered with lid or foil. aluminum. Remove the tray and uncover it and let it brown nicely for another 15 minutes.

If served portioned, hot.
Good appetite!

Try this video recipe too

Nowadays, domestic poultry meat (and I mean chicken or turkey here) is used in most recipes presented by chefs in profile TV programs.

The cookbooks on the stalls are full of recipes based on poultry, chicken or turkey. Much less often are approached recipes with duck meat, goose meat and more recently, with ostrich meat.

The competition (consisting of many amateur chefs) in the kitchen, on social networks is more and more active with each passing day.

In the recipes inherited from parents and mothers-in-law, I find several dishes made from chicken, duck meat and goose meat, given that in the small yard near the parents' house, mother and grandmother raised more chickens, enough chickens, a card. of geese and sometimes a card of ducks. My mother didn't like duckling.

Chickens were kept longer for eggs, being changed / slaughtered only when they did not lay enough eggs.

Memories, memories…! I have quite vivid thoughts in my mind, the heated discussions between mother and grandmother, on the one hand, father and grandfather, on the other hand, about dizzy chickens falling from the top of the fence, cracking their fat hearts. And my mother and grandmother raised some chicken monsters that reached 4-5 Kg / piece.

At Cracium, along with the pig, most ducks and geese were slaughtered, keeping 2-3 buds and 2-3 large, old birds, to provide with eggs the next spring generation. The meat is kept in lard, placed in huge garnishes, in a pantry built of river stone, to keep cold. In the real winters of my childhood, ice formed on the interior walls of the pantry.

Most of the locals raised their birds, as far as possible, near the house. There were many of us in the family at the table. Poultry was not found at the butcher. Birds were for sale only on Saturdays, during the weekly fair.

The advertisement for poultry meat urges you to buy, the bird being approved by most greedy people, regardless of age. Promotions for poultry are most often present and the price thus becomes attractive.

Sometimes, in late spring or autumn, you can find whole chickens in the market. If they are big, at 3-4 Kg / piece I also buy 2-3 chickens, cut them and put them in the freezer, in food plastic bags, labeled with date and content. From these chickens I take care to replenish the stock of poultry lard.

I like to cook chicken raised in the yard! The hen has everything, taste, fat, real bird flavors. An essential aspect should not be neglected - chicken is boiled and boiled again…. a few good hours.

When the cuckoo gives way through the roosters, a poultry drowned in fat appears around me.

I have a few precautions that I usually approach in the fall and if I'm lucky I don't miss the period when the "girls" make sacrifices in their own yard. Precupets have enough mustaches, so it's useless to talk in time.

The old hen makes good soup ! This old Romanian saying speaks the truth. I cut the chickens and put the packages, in the freezer, for soups and broths, for food, for snacks, for the oven.

The best slices are obtained from pork neck, turkey breast or chicken breast.

Ingredients needed in the recipe: chicken breast, pumpkin (of different colors and varieties - tuchini, Pattison, Romanian, etc.), fresh mushrooms, smoked cheese, ingredients for maceration (green onion, green garlic, extra virgin olive oil, Dijon mustard, rice vinegar , lemon, dill and green parsley, hot peppers), coarse salt, peppercorns, mustard seeds, dried thyme.

Chest maceration.

The chicken breast is deboned and its skin is removed. It is sliced ​​into strips with a thickness of 1.0-1.5 cm.

Chicken breast slices are placed in a plastic bag together with the maceration mixture - finely chopped green onions and garlic, extra virgin olive oil, Dijon mustard, rice vinegar, lemon juice, a little lemon peel, dill and green parsley, finely chopped, coarse salt, freshly ground peppercorns, mustard seeds, dried thyme, a few slices of hot pepper, fresh or a few hot pepper flakes.

The plastic bag is hermetically sealed and kept cold in the refrigerator in the evening until the 2nd day. Periodically knead the bag in your hands to mix the maceration ingredients with the meat and homogenize the tastes.

Preparing the pumpkin for barbecue.

Cut the zucchini lengthwise, using a sharp knife, into thin slices. Season the pumpkin slices with coarse salt, freshly ground peppercorns and a little dried thyme. Drizzle extra virgin olive oil.


  • chicken breast,
  • pumpkins,
  • mushrooms,
  • smoked cheese,
  • Lemon,
  • rice vinegar,
  • extra virgin olive oil.

Mix the pumpkin slices well and keep them cold in the fridge for at least half an hour, during which time the spices transmit their flavor to the vegetables.

Preparing mushrooms for the grill.

You can use several kinds of mushrooms, fresh. I used hot sponges and freshly picked wild mushrooms.

To remember ! The mushrooms are cleaned and brushed to clean the dirt (wash only if necessary). Drain the washed mushrooms in a sieve and dab with absorbent paper.

If the sponges are large, clean them by cleaning the white slats inside the hat, so as not to spice up the final preparation too much.

Sponges and mushrooms are seasoned with coarse salt, freshly ground peppercorns and a little dried thyme. Drizzle extra virgin olive oil. Mix for homogenization.

Preparing smoked cheese for the recipe.

The smoked cheese is put on the large grater.

Fry and prepare slices of pumpkin that are grilled.

Slice the zucchini and fry them on the grill placed directly on the large flame of the stove, at the right heat.

As the pumpkin slices are cold on both sides, take them off the grill using kitchen tongs and place in a bowl.


  1. Chicken breast slices and maceration.
  2. Zucchini are cut long, into strips. The pumpkin strips are seasoned.
  3. The smoked cheese is put on the large grater.
  4. Fry the pumpkin slices on the grill placed directly on the large flame of the stove, at the right heat.
  5. The slices of soaked chicken breast are cold on the grill placed directly on the large flame of the stove, at the right heat.
  6. The cleaned mushrooms are cooled on the grill placed directly on the large flame of the stove, at the right heat.
  7. Sprinkle the fried ingredients with grated cheese and finely chopped greens.
  8. Preparation of green bean salad.
  9. The preparation is mounted on flat plates and served hot.

Sprinkle smoked cheese over the slices of roasted pumpkin.

The bowl of roasted pumpkin is covered with a lid to soak the zucchini and melt the cheese.

Fry slices of chicken breast, soaked, on the grill.

Chicken breast slices are soaked in a bowl. It is released from the excess maceration product. Do not clean completely, do not dab with absorbent paper.

The slices of chicken breast, soaked, are cold on the grill placed directly on the large flame of the stove. Slices of soaked chicken breast can be roasted with the last slices of pumpkin and / or mushrooms.

There is no mistake! The ingredients in the recipe can be roasted separately, each separately - slices of pumpkin, mushrooms, slices of chicken breast, soaked or combining them.

The chef's secret! As with any recipe that is followed in this dish, there is a chef's secret. The well-kept secret is the slicing of the ready-fried ingredients.

All the ingredients from the recipe, ready fried, are made with smoked cheese given on a large grater and sprinkle with finely chopped green parsley.

Well kept secret! There is also a well-kept secret. For mysterious scents that will pleasantly tickle the nostrils of diners, the ready-fried and already sliced ​​ingredients are sprinkled with a little lemon juice and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil. Mix the ingredients with pity, so as not to break the slices.

An even more intense taste, to the delight of gourmets and gourmets, on the one hand, can be obtained by sprinkling over the resting ingredients, a few thin slices of hot, red peppers or a few hot pepper flakes.

Preparation of green bean salad.

Among the drops, as steps are taken in the preparation of chicken breast and zucchini, a green bean salad is prepared, fragrant and full of vitamins.

Assembly and serving of the final preparation.

The final preparation is served hot, on flat plates.

A glass of dry, cold fig house wine goes well with this dish.

Good appetite you gourmet brothers and you gourmet brothers everywhere, wherever you are in the world! Grills can also be prepared at home, not only on green grass. It is important to equip each housewife's kitchen with several types of grills, so that she can choose the right grill. Regardless of the preparation of the nets that a housewife serves to those seated around the table, seasonal salad or pickles should not be missing from the table.

Sarmalute with goose breast

Recipe this is tasty and very fine, the sarmalute from goose chest, wrap-in cabbage or vine leaf (can also be wrapped in lime leaf, stevia, beets, horsetail) I remember my grandmother's stuffing. You can also make sausages from turkey or duck. I cut 2 geese (my husband takes care of it, I feel sorry for him and I can't) and I put my legs, chest, organs and back with wings separately. I used my back to the soup, my thighs and organs are waiting quietly in the freezer and now it's my chest's turn. So I did sarmalute with beef leaf, stuffed peppers and tomatoes.

Lemon rolled cake - the recipe for fluffy and syrupy cubes

Lemon rolled cake - the recipe for fluffy and syrupy cubes. How to make Lamington cake with lemon? Homemade cake with lemon. Cream-free cake. Simple and quick homemade cake. Lemon Lamington's recipe.

For some time now I've been thinking about trying the lemon rolled cake instead of chocolate. I haven't seen this recipe anywhere but I thought it would be good if I adapted it somehow. For the fluffy countertop (without baking powder) I kept the basic recipe from classic cocoa and coconut roll (Lamington)the recipe here. In addition, I created a lemon syrup with very tasty and flavorful butter. Lamington is Australia's national cake.

I later found that there are these Lemon Lamingtons that are made with either syrup or lemon curd (see here what it is). These cubes with lemon and coconut came out very good and fluffy! Sweet and sour, fragrant and extremely tasty.

The recipe is very simple and quick and can be easily made by beginners. From these quantities results a tray of 35 × 25 cm (approx. 32-40 pieces, depending on the dimensions at which it is cut).